– 2017 –   51x37x2   private collection
rot-resistant exotic wood; reinforcement 2x roll-formed steel angles;

Command for a Virgin Mary icon, for a wedding.
“They have no wine.”

“Do whatever he tells you.”

A year of work.

Figures are borrowed to Persian miniatures: to me this is the right language to evoke a wedding party: musicians, animals, people playing, having a nice time!…

I chose and reproduced these characters from Persian miniatures, before studying in depth a personal composition: lines and colours.

Mary in the center, embracing the scene with her look, supporting all the characters in the assembly. Her hands are covered, meaning she is addressing -God- as a sign of submission and tribute to Jesus-God.

Christ: slightly bigger figure, inside but outside.

Under the tent: the spouses, he offers the cup… they sit there just like princes.

In the center, the headwaiter, the empty jug, the scene taking place under Mary’s. Starting point of the story.

Really enjoyed doing this work.